Shop Safety Store | Commitment to Safety Excellence

At Shop Safety Store, we take safety seriously. Recognizing the importance of quality equipment for the well-being of your employees, we have curated a selection of the highest caliber safety products. We don't just supply equipment; we offer peace of mind, protecting what's invaluable - your team, your reputation, and your operational integrity.

Your Trusted Safety Partner

Our commitment to safety is not just a policy but our core priority. We pledge to provide only the most reliable and quality-assured safety equipment. Each product in our catalog is meticulously vetted, ensuring compliance with the highest standards, including the stringent OSHA 1910 Standard for occupational safety.

Collaborations That Strengthen Safety

We are proud to partner with leading organizations like Power Washers of North America (PWNA) and the International Window Cleaners Association (IWCA). These collaborations enable us to offer specialized solutions tailored to unique industry needs, enhancing safety in diverse work environments.

OSHA Training Simplified

In alliance with Expert Safety Services, we empower you to become a Safety Advocate. Our training programs provide essential knowledge and skills, ensuring you stay compliant and informed. With our resources, safety and compliance are always within reach.

  • Unwavering Dedication to Quality

    Our commitment at Shop Safety Store is to Uncompromising Quality. Each product undergoes rigorous quality assessments, ensuring they exceed industry standards. We focus on providing exceptional safety equipment that you can trust implicitly.

  • Expert Guidance: Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

    Understanding the complexities of safety equipment, our Expert Guidance service offers more than assistance - it's a partnership. Our experienced safety experts provide personalized recommendations, ensuring solutions that align perfectly with your specific workplace needs.

  • Comprehensive Training: Elevating Safety Knowledge and Compliance

    In partnership with Expert Safety Services, we offer the Safety Advocate program. This initiative is about fostering a culture of safety, providing accessible, in-depth training that covers a broad range of safety topics. We ensure your team is not only well-equipped but also well-informed.

Join Us in Creating Safer Workplaces

Visit our online store to explore our extensive range of high-quality safety equipment. Should you have any inquiries, our customer service team is eager to assist you. At Shop Safety Store, we are more than a provider; we are your partner in fostering a safer work environment.